The Internet Hall of Fame's 2014 Inductees

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Each year the Internet Hall of Fame recognizes people from all over the world who have each been instrumental in building and advocating for an open internet. Past inductees have included everyone from Vint Cerf to Aaron Swartz. And yes, also Al Gore. And this year's crop is full of luminaries past and present.

Among this year's 24 inductees is the inventor of the computer mouse, Douglas Engelbart who passed away last year.


The inductees are broken into three categories: Pioneers Circle, which looks at people vital to internet history; Innovators, which celebrates people developing the internet today; and Global Connectors, people who are helping expand the reach of the internet around the world.

Pioneers Circle – People instrumental in the early design and development of the internet:

Innovators – People who made technological, commercial, or policy advances and helped to expand the internet's reach:

Global Connectors – People who have contributed to the global growth of the internet:

Images from left to right: Douglas Engelbart, Dorcas Muthoni, and Ben Segal