The Internet's Two Biggest Miracles, According to Slate

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Monday night, Slate published an explosive new story suggesting shady ties between a server registered to the Trump Organization and ones own by a Russian bank. While the Clinton campaign quickly pounced on the story as possibly “the most direct link yet between Donald Trump and Moscow,” security analysts raised doubts about the story’s conclusions just as swiftly. According to Noah Shachtman, the executive editor at The Daily Beast, his site ultimately declined to run the story itself due to the weakness of the evidence.

In the coming days, various experts will surely weigh in on whether or not Slate presented compelling evidence of nefarious activity. There is, however, another aspect of the article that needs to be addressed: its curious first sentence.


“The greatest miracle of the internet is that it exists,” opens the story, “the second greatest is that it persists.”

To recap, here are the two greatest miracles of the internet, according to Slate dot com:

  1. That it exists.
  2. That it persists.

Curious as to what the site considers the internet’s third greatest miracle, Gizmodo reached out to Slate for comment. This post will be updated if and when they respond.



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It would be easy to write this all off as wishful speculation if the server hadn’t suddenly been killed after the bank was contacted.

Instead, it appears that Trump hires IT people about as competent as his other aides. At this point, if we told the American people that we were going to have W and Obama arm wrestle to see who gets the next term, 60% of us would be all over it.

That said, and just so we’re clear here, the false equivalency trap is a stupid one to fall into. Even if you believe that Hillary is a corrupt villain, she has at least demonstrated an ability to blend in as a hapless policy wonk. Trump can’t make it through a speech without going off the rails... if he makes it through a state dinner without cutting ties to NATO, I’ll be surprised.