The Internet's Creepiest Craigslist Ad

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It takes a lot to be creepy on Craigslist. To be noticed for being shady on civilization's greatest repository of perversion and fraud is like being the most naked woman at the strip club. But this, uh "researcher" managed it.


Under Brooklyn's "General Community" section, one anonymous Craigslister posted the following solicitation:

Have you ever become infatuated with someone you knew only from the Internet, someone you didn't really know outside of the Internet at all? Did you spend too much time looking at their Facebook photos or reading their personal blog? Did you feel a strange attraction to them? Did you feel like, somehow, you just knew them really well? Did you ever reach out to them and receive an unsatisfactory response? Did you ever leave them anonymous comments, perhaps even angry ones, or generally act out toward them in ways that were unusual for you?

You're not alone.

I'm not?! Phew!

But my god, what the fuck can this possibly be about, if not an attempt to lure someone into the back of a dark meat locker and execute Satanic ceremonies? This reads like the last thoughts of someone before they run screaming, stark naked, through a public square, or set a petting zoo on fire, or attempt to blow up the Eiffel Tower. The words of a madman. And not just any madman—an internet madman—the type who thinks there's actually some deranged purpose to his perversion:

I'm doing research for an article on this kind of Internet experience, collecting a series of cautionary tales that will hopefully help people from going too far down the rabbit hole. Confidentiality guaranteed.

Yes, confidentiality guaranteed because you'll wind up at the bottom of a swamp if you ever respond to this email. [Craigslist via The Awl]

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