The iPad 2's New Magnetic Smart Cover Is Barely There

The iPad 2 is here, and it brought some new accessories along with it. Namely, a totally redesigned cover flap that flips back to double as a stand and an HDMI cable for mirroring your iPad on your TV.


The original iPad case, Steve said, covered up the beautiful design of the iPad itself. The new case is actually more of a cover: it attaches magnetically to the side of the iPad and covers its display with a microfiber cloth. The cover flips back to prop the tablet up for watching videos or lift it off the table slightly for easier typing—open it and the iPad wakes up, shut it and the iPad goes to sleep. Looks like a perfect way to offer a bit of protection and utility while adding minimal bulk. It'll come in five candy colors in polyurethane ($40) and leather ($70).

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Apple also announced an HDMI cable that mirrors the iPad's display—that is, any app you might be using—to a TV. Big screen iPad action! It needs no setup, supports rotation and charges your iPad all the while. It'll run $40. [Apple]


Zelda did it!

Would be awesome to be able to connect the iPad to my iMac 27" through display port and then mirror the iPad on the iMac! I know my iMac can work as a monitor, so it shouldn't be too difficult I guess.