Everyone knew it the moment they saw it. Hell, even Steve Jobs alluded to it when he was unveiling the thing. The new multitouch iPod Nano was made to be strapped to a watch band. Here it is, for $17.


OK, so there's still the issue of having headphones plugged into your watch at all times. And the limits of the Nano's looks-like-iOS-but-can't-run-apps-like-iOS operating system. But these things are pretty minor when you consider that this time next week you could be wearing an IPOD as a WATCH. Imagine the look on your 2001 self's face if you told them that in under a decade you'd be wearing one of those iPod things on your wrist. It'd be a look of incredulity. And longing!

The 22mm Maratac Nylon band slips through the Nano's clip and is available in a variety of colors, to make sure you're all nice and coordinated. Just think: "Oh excuse me, what time is it?" "Hold on...let me check my iPod." "No, you must've misheard me because of those earbuds you have in your ears—I didn't ask what song you were listening to, I asked what time it was!" "I know." You can have that exchange for just $17. Go buy one already! [County Comm via Techeblog]

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