The Iris Quadcopter Is a Drone for Tinkerers Short on Time

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If you're into tweaking and fiddling with your gadgets but don't have the time to start a big project from scratch, the new Iris drone from 3D Robotics could be up your street.

While 3D Robotics—the company run by ex-WIRED editor Chris Anderson—tends to concentrate on the maker community, it's now decided to sell a pre-built drone too. It'll fly out of the box, controlled by an Android device—iOS control coming soon—and even managing single-button take-off and landing. In terms of the drone itself, it packs an ARM Cortex-M4 processor and a built-in data radio, which lets you follow flights in real time. It can also accommodate a GoPro, but that'll obviously cost more.

It's worth noting that, despite the fact it'll fly from the off, this is a drone for the committed. It'll like require regular tinkering, including firmware updates, and 3D Robotics points out that it's really for "developers and experienced operators" who want to help develop the product, rather than take a copter for a quick spin. Set to ship on September 16th, the drone will set you back from $730. [3d Robotics via Quadcopter via Engadget]

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