The Keyboard Waffle Iron

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Because breakfast isn't nerdy enough, I present to you the Keyboard Waffle Iron. There's really nothing else to be said about this wonder of modern technology, but I invite you to make your best keyboard/waffle puns in comments. Come on, let's see what you've got.


Chris Dimino [via Treehugger]


Scantron Crothers


yes, i understand that those aren't extruders. it's fairly obvious that there is, in fact, a rack of jam jars at the back of the unit.

what i was trying to do, you see, was string specific english words together for comic effect, perhaps causing the reader to reexamine the photo and question whether there were actually play-doh extruders sticking out the back of a computer-keyboard waffle-maker — or, at the very least, to point out the resemblance said jam jars bear to the extruders mentioned above.

sorry for any confusion caused to you by my attempt (such as it was, sans pun) at humour.

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