The Kids Aren't All Right, On Torchwood

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Rejoice! The first official trailer for season three of Doctor Who's Earthbound spin-off Torchwood, is here. Your first taste of the five-part miniseries "Children Of Earth" is below. Along with minor spoilers.


Early and ill-informed reactions: I'm not that crazy about the kid-focused plot, but at least the alien plan sounds suitably sinister. (If reminiscent of the Sycorax's blood-control plot in "The Christmas Invasion.") I like the sexy spy who goes after Torchwood, and I'm glad they included a frame of Jack and Ianto snogging. It proves the show won't be totally sanitized for BBC One's early evening viewers.

"Children Of Earth" appears sometime this summer on BBC one, and almost simultaneously on BBC America.



I kind of wish Captain Jack were on a better show...