The Largest-Ever U.S. Gallery Of Jack Kirby's Comic Art Heads To California

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Jack Kirby’s career crossed all over comics, from Marvel to DC and beyond, giving us a veritable treasure trove of some of the most iconic pieces of comic book art ever produced. Want to get up close and personal with it? If you’re in Los Angeles, you can.

Opening today and continuing until October 10th, Comic Book Apocalypse: The Graphic World of Jack Kirby at CSU Northridge’s main gallery is the largest ever display of Kirby’s original artwork to be held in the U.S—and is curated by Professor Chris Hatfield, who teaches CSU’s own Comics and Graphic Novels course.


Image: Splash page of Reed Richards in interdimensional space from Fantastic Four #51, 1966

Comic Book Apocalypse largely focuses on Kirby’s scifi and superhero work post 1965—the heyday of Kirby’s career at Marvel as well as his eventual return to DC comics—but the gallery stretches across almost all of Kirby’s professional career, which was spent providing art for practically every major comics publisher around. While we’re lucky to still be able to see high quality versions of Kirby’s incredible art online, the idea of being able to see it all in person—the iconic formation of heroes and villains that still persist in superhero comics to this day—is a tempting thought indeed.


Image: Thor battles the Enchanters in an unused cover for Thor #144, 1967

If you want to find out a little more about the event, you can do so on CSU Northridge’s website.


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Header Image: Art from Devil Dinosaur #4, 1978