The latest Lego modular building feels like a perfect piece of old NYC

Each year Lego puts out an exclusive modular building and they are always pretty special. In January of 2015, Detective's Office (10246) hits the shelves. Pricing is set at $159.99 for this 2,262 piece kit that measures over 10" high and is packed full of awesome play and gorgeous design.


The set is split into six distinct areas over three floors of building:

  • The Highlander Pool Hall
  • Al's Barber Shop
  • The Office of Ace Brickman, Private Detective
  • Bathroom
  • Contraband Kitchen
  • Roof Terrace

The Highlander Pool Hall

This area features some really special stuff like an awesome ceiling fan that can be rotated out of the way so you have better access to the brick built pool table. There is a 2x2 round tile with a printed dart board as well; this is a brand new element. I believe that the window elements for the front also have The Highlander printed on them as there is no mention of stickers for this set.

Al's Barber Shop

This is a very small but functional barber shop with one really cool secret. There is a secret door behind the cabinet leading to the rear of the building for smuggling contraband through, then another secret passageway under the stairs leading to the pool hall to deliver the smuggled goods to the party on that side. We also get some scissors as a new minifigure accessory and an actual element with a reflective surface for the mirror in the shop, not a sticker as we originally thought.


Ace Brickman's Office

On the left side of the second floor is the office of Ace Brickman, Private Detective. The first thing to notice here is that the walls on all sides are created with profile bricks or "brick bricks" as many in the AFOL community call them. There is a lot of printed tile in here as well: a wanted poster, map, ship painting, newspaper and a few different letters, one of which is hidden in the wall.



Also on the second floor, across the hall from the detective's office, is a bathroom with a pull chain toilet, a Lego first. I'm glad they've started including restrooms into more sets. Everybody poops.


The Kitchen

On the third floor, right side, we have a kitchen complete with some cabinets, a stove and a gigantic rolling pin. This is apparently where the illegal "cookies" are made before they are smuggled down to the pool players.


The Roof Terrace

On the roof we have a big water tower and a skylight which looks into the detective's office so that the baddies can keep dibs on his whereabouts during their smuggling operations.


As always, this set will snap together with previous modular buildings via some Technic pins at the base. It looks right at home next to the Parisian Restaurant (10243) and Palace Cinema (10232). I'm really looking forward to adding it to my city street and helping Ace Brickman solve some crime in my little Legopolis.


Lego has added the designer video to their YouTube channel now as well. Jamie Berard goes over the entire model.

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