The Latest The Punisher Promo is an Unsettling Flashback

Image: Marvel Studios/Netflix
Image: Marvel Studios/Netflix

The promotional campaign for Netflix’s The Punisher is getting a little off kilter. To wit, its latest Instagram promo video is one of the most unsettling superhero-related things I’ve ever seen.


The Instagram Story, captured for posterity by Twitter user @Tin_Pan_Ali, shows a dazed Punisher wandering against a flickering screen of a background, memories flashing over it. You see his past, his time in the military, the death of his family... Lots of death, lots of horror, set to an eerie soundtrack of dissonant hisses and drone.

Normally, I wouldn’t consider a little Instagram promo like this worth a full post, but this just got under my skin. It shows The Punisher not as an avenging warrior, or even a “badass” killer. Just a confused man, traumatized, in need of help. Drawing a gun with no one to shoot.

I’m not going to be able to get this one out of my head for a while. You can watch it below.




I get the impression Gizmodo really doesn’t want to like this series, but the tone of the articles I’ve read about it tell me that it’s exactly what I want it to be. It actually looks good to me. The Punisher ought to be disturbing. If they make him disturbing they’re doing it right.