The Lego Helicarrier Is Real, And It Looks INCREDIBLE

It's been long rumoured, but yes, it's finally real: Lego are making a massive SHIELD Helicarrier, and by god it looks beautiful. Ready your wallets, Marvel fans - this one's a doozy.


Ahead of the set's official unveiling at New York Toy Fair next month, the Wall Street Journal were granted an exclusive look at the new set, which has almost 3,000 pieces worth of giant floating spybase to its name.

The helicarrier isn't actually minifig scaled - that might sound disappointing but at 3,000 pieces already, could you imagine how vast that would be!? The Quinjet from the Avengers line had 735 pieces alone, and there's two of them on here - but actually 'microfigure' scale. For those unaware, there is actually an even smaller version of the Lego minifigure, and they were initially built to use in Lego's line of themed board games. Making it scaled to these wee fellas - there are 12 in the set, including Fury, Hawkeye, Cap, Iron Man and 8 SHIELD agents - means you get a model that doesn't have to compromise scale to accommodate the traditional minifigure (as many large Star Wars ships do).

Look how adorable those little Agents of SHIELD are! D'aaw.

If you're a minifigure fan though, there's still a lot to love about the set - it also comes with 5 normal sized minifigures, including Black Widow, Hawkeye and a maskless Captain America as they appear in Lego's Age of Ultron sets, Nick Fury, and for the very first time, Maria Hill. If that wasn't enough, the minifigures come with a brick-built display stand that replicates the SHIELD emblem too!


But with great scale, there comes an even greater price tag. When it releases in March (oh no my paycheck), the Helicarrier will set you back a whopping $350.


Don't care. Want it. Okay I do care because oh god but I want it anyway. Check out a few more pictures at the link below.

[Wall Street Journal - extra images via Brickset]

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