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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Are Lego actually making a gigantic SHIELD Helicarrier?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Prepare your Wallets, Lego fans: there's been a flurry of rumours over the weekend that Lego might be planning on bringing SHIELD's floating HQ to their range of Marvel toys next year - and not just as a normal set, but a humongous (and pricey) display model.

Header Image Credit: The incredible Helicarrier model by Yosub Joo currently running on the crowd sourced project site Lego Ideas - we've featured it before!

The rumour comes from the designer's video for the recently-revealed (and awesome looking) Detective's Office set coming next year:

The Eagle-eyed fans over at Groove Bricks noticed that the opening intro for the video included what looked like footage from another video for a new model - one that potentially could be this new Helicarrier:


As Groove Bricks point out, the model in the 'G' of 'Design' certainly draws similarities to the front shape of a Helicarrier - including the little spikes that jut out the nose - and there's even what looks like a little Quinjet floating above it for scale. Before you get really excited though, be warned - the rumour floating around this set not only pegs it as being released in March of next year, but also at a whopping $350, making the rumoured model one of the priciest sets Lego have sold.

That said, man. $350 of Helicarrier lego goodness? I can hear my wallet shrieking lamentations already.


[via Brickset]

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