The Lego Movie official blooper reel is so much fun to watch

I have a confession: I have not watched The Lego Movie yet. I know, I know. I am a terrible human. My childhood self would shake his head so hard. Heck, my adult self is shaking my head at me! I'm going to watch it ASAP now though. Because after watching this "blooper" reel from The Lego Movie, I'm curled up in a ball laughing so hard that my abs will laughercise itself into a rock hard 2x4 red lego brick. It's just so much fun.


It's like a real blooper reel! Lego minifigures, they mess up just like us! So charming.

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Reader's guide for young people: the falling house gag is, I'm sure, an homage to Buster Keaton in his silent classic Steamboat Bill Jr. Buster did the stunt for real.