The LighterBro Multitool Turns You Into John McClane and MacGyver

If you're a smoker who's always got a disposable Bic lighter on hand, it's time to ask more of that small accessory taking up space in your pocket. The LighterBro is basically designed to serve as a case for your Bic lighter that also happens to give it amazing slicing, repairing, and bottle opening powers.

It's admittedly hard to get behind any product with the term 'bro' in its name, let alone one that has it branded across the side, but with a sharp 1.9-inch Katana-inspired blade made from Japanese 420 alloy stainless steel, spring-loaded scissors, a tiny micro Philips screwdriver, and a bottle opener, the LighterBro puts almost every survival tool you could need—including fire—in your pocket.


Both the silver and flashy gold versions of the LighterBro are available now for just $10, which is a steal. After all, let's see you try and start a fire with a regular Swiss Army knife, or try to repair your glasses with a Zippo. Not gonna happen. [LighterBro via GearJunkie]

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