Tehnika Molodezhi (Техника — молодёжи, "Technology for the Youth") was the 'Popular Mechanics of the Soviet Union'. During the Soviet era the legendary monthly magazine was devoted to popular science articles and often depicted colourful scenes of the near future, how spaceflight gonna change our life, how humankind gonna explore the Solar System, how rockets painted with Red Star gonna lift-off from every major cities.

Tehnika Molodezhi had clones in several country in the Eastern Bloc, and just like their US brother, these magazines had awesome pieces of art on their covers. These commie magazine covers listed below show us what kind of future was waiting for the kids a few decades before the Soviet Union ceased to exist. (Nota bene: T.M. survived the collapse of the USSR and is still up and running.)

Clones from Hungary and Czechoslovakia:

Source: zhurnalko.net, planeta-eden and own stuff