The Most Embarrassing Proof That The USSR Lost The Space Race

What you can see above are two articles from a Hungarian alphabet book, called Ablak-Zsiráf (Window-Giraffe), first issued in 1971—the year Apollo 14 and 15 landed on the Moon and when the third Soviet moon rocket exploded 51 seconds after liftoff during a test flight.

So, in this children book, which is full of communist and socialist propaganda (N.b.: Hungary was a socialist country and an ally of the Soviet Union until 1989), the two main articles for "rocket" and "spacecraft and astronaut/cosmonaut" were not illustrated with any Soviet-made rockets or spacecraft, but with a gorgeous Saturn V launch scene, and a Gemini capsule and service module floating in space:


I think these altogether were a kind of unofficial confession that "we" lost the space race.

(Disclosure: this post is mostly for fun, do not take too seriously.)

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