The Marvel Play Arts Figures Are Great, But Nowhere Near Crazy Enough

Ever since Square-Enix announced they'd gotten the Marvel license for their Play Arts Kai Variants line, I've been looking forward to what ridiculous designs they would create for Marvel's finest heroes. But a few new figures were at Toy Fair, and while they're cool, they're lacking the wonderful absurdity.

All images via Toyark.

As well as the recently unveiled Iron Man, Square-Enix brought Thor and Spider-Man toys to their booth, revealing their takes on the characters for the first time. Check them out below:


Don't get me wrong, they're cool looking figures - the angular designs that PAK variants are so fond of are still in effect - but they're not exactly the most radical redesigns. At least Spider-Man has a bit of a different look thanks to the use of black along the traditional red and blue, and some pieces to almost give an armoured look to the figure rather than a bodysuit, but Thor is just.. well, Thor I guess. With a few sharp edges. They look amazing, but at the same time, I'm disappointed that they don't go far enough in terms of redesigning the characters.

It's bizarre to sit them next to the Batman figures the company do, with the likes of Cowboy Bats, a Joker with coattails spiky enough he could gore a crowd of people with the shake of his butt, and Tetsuya Nomura's ridiculous neo-future Catwoman standing alongside such relatively vanilla figures in comparison. I get that PAK's brand of batshit weirdness isn't for everyone, and maybe we'll get some crazier designs down the line (give me a Spider-Man with like, a hojillion spider arms sticking out his back that form webbing wings or whatever, something, anything!), but I'm a little sad they're not crazier designs. Part of the appeal of the Variants line is that you're getting radical, wacky reinterpretations of classic characters. These just happen to be perfectly cool toys that lack a little something special.


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