The Marvel vs. DC Debate Finally Ends With These Comic Book Chess Pieces

Everyone just assumed that the Marvel Comics vs. DC Comics debate would rage on forever—or at least until mankind became extinct. But Eaglemoss has finally come up with a way to figure out which company is better, Marvel or DC, with custom chess pieces featuring the most popular comic book characters from each side of the debate.


The pieces are all available from Entertainment Earth for those of us in North America, and range in price from $15 or $16 for individual characters, to $38 for sets that come with two, like the Guardians of the Galaxy pair above.

And while pitting a Marvel fan against a DC fan in a civilized game of chess might bring some closure to the debate about which publisher is superior, these pieces will no doubt spark an entire new debate over which characters deserve to be kings and queens on the board, and which should be relegated to being just pawns. [Eaglemoss via Entertainment Earth via Nerd Approved]

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