The most educational scene from "The Human Centipede"

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The Human Centipede is many things - disgusting, outrageous, fiendishly funny. But it's also medically accurate. And in this scene, where the mad surgeon uses an overhead projector to explain his methods, you can see what that means.

Director Tom Six says that a real surgeon consulted with him on the movie and helped design the human centipede. But the best part of this scene is Dieter Laser, who plays the doctor. He's so incredibly deadpan as he shows his demented slides to his future victims. For anybody who has ever sat through a lecture in university and wished they could liven it up with some ass-to-mouth speculation - this clip is for you.


The Human Centipede is now out in a shiny director's cut DVD, with a few amusing extras, and is available on demand.