The Most Impressive Lego Terminator Arm You've Ever Seen

Skynet comes across as a resourceful artificial intelligence. After all, if it's clever enough to send someone back in time to wipe out an enemy before they're born, it's not hard to believe it could see the potential in Lego Technic when it comes to building an army. Particularly when we've just shown it how.


A Polish Lego savant who goes by piotrek839 on the LUGPol forums created this life-size Terminator arm that's powered by twelve separate Lego Technic motors and some of the most complex engineering and gearing we've ever seen. Because of the limited speeds of the Technic motors the arm moves very, very slowly, but it's incredibly articulate, particularly how the hand seems to perfectly replicate the range of motion on a human wrist. If things get out of hand here, stepping on a small plastic brick in bare feet could be the least of mankind's worries.

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[LUGPol via Make]

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I love the engineering, but it's as shame that little thought went into the tomato cage mounting structure.