The Most Perfect Tasing You'll See This Week

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The would-be female thief in this surveillance video seems like a smooth operator—until she gets zapped with a taser and falls to the ground like a stiff board. We've seen our fair share of tasings, but this is the platonic ideal of taser drops.

Fox New 23 Tulsa broadcasted the surveillance video as part of a report about the rising number of women holding up businesses in Oklahoma. This woman, however, doesn't even get the chance to brandish a weapon. She hops over the counter of the Subway restaurant like a pro, punches a few buttons on the register's touchscreen, and gets at the money. But just as the drawer full of cash slides open, a Sandwich Artist® appears, and delivers a painful-looking electroshock blast into the thief's body. Male or female: Crime doesn't pay. [Fox23]