The Most Thrilling Bollywood Superhero Training Montage You've Ever Seen

Disney got into superheroes in a big way when it bought Marvel — but Disney also brought us the fantastic Zokkomon, a Disney Bollywood movie. Check out this awesome superhero training montage, complete with 1980s Kenny Loggins-esque rock song about how nothing's impossible if you know how. Awesome "spinning inside the spinny thing" moment included.


In Zokkomon, young Kunal is an orphan who gets abused and mistreated by grown-ups, except for his one friend who helps him to develop his own Iron Man-esque supersuit, complete with flying jetpack and mysterious "vanish into thin air" energy cloud. Soon, Zokkomon is getting back at all of those mean adults, including setting one guy's butt on fire during a particularly tense confrontation. Eventually, other kids are inspired to dress as Zokkomon and fight against adult supervision as well.

Here's a great snippet of Zokkomon in action, from later in the film:




Someone please post that gif of the robot made of little robots flipping off everyone with a little robot-finger that's also giving the finger.