The motherlode of Tron Legacy concept art and high-res stills!

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The world of Tron has never looked so sleek and dangerous as it does in these new images from Tron Legacy. Disney released a slew of concept art, posters and stills. Some new, some just higher res than before. Behold...


The latest concept art is especially fascinating because it gives some more insights into how Disney developed the look of Tron Legacy, including some slightly weird ideas that didn't pan out, like the mouthless woman above. You can see that some of the concept art has filenames that start with "TR2N," which was the original title for this sequel, meaning it goes back a ways. It's obvious that a lot of thought went into updating the first major CGI movie for our slick, 3-D movie world — and we're still hoping that the finished product holds up over two hours on the big screen.

We already posted some of this concept art earlier today, but then Disney sent it out in higher res format, with a lot more included. (As always, if you want to download the high-res version, just right-click "Full Size" and choose "open link in new tab" or "save link as.")

Here's the newly released high-res concept art, posters and stills. What do you think of it?

Environment concept art:

Vehicle concept art:

Costume concept art:

The ultimate collection of high-res stills:

High-res posters:




I have faith this will be pretty awesome!