The Mutewatch Begs to be Touched

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We've seen high-concept watches that are interesting, but the inevitable realization dawns that it takes ten minutes and vector calculus just to figure out what time it is. Mutewatch is different, its touch-based design actually makes it more...useful.


Gone are the days of trying to remember which buttons to press; the Mutewatch uses a simple swipe interface to activate the screen and toggle through alarm, timer, and clock functions. The alarm vibrates rather than creating a loud ruckus and is deactivated by pinching the watch. Pre-orders are available now in white, gray or red color options for €19 (~$25), which will be deducted from the full €199 (~$260) price when it ships. [Engadget]



People still wear watches? I usually have a pretty good idea what time it is, or I look at my phone or the dashboard or the computer desktop. Why bother with watches?