The Nerd Beams Music to Your Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

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As goofy as Bluetooth headsets may be, there's still people who use them on a daily basis. So what happens to those people when they want to listen to music and use a headset? They need something like Jawbone's The Nerd.


The Nerd is a little USB dongle that plugs into your computer and beams all the audio on your computer (music, movies, games, etc.) to the Jawbone Icon HD. That way you can listen to music with your Bluetooth headset and when you get a phone call, the Jawbone Icon HD recognizes it and switches over to let you talk. Easy!

It's always been this complicated mess trying to juggle between headphones and headset—sometimes you miss phone calls, sometimes you forget to put headphones back on—hopefully, the one sided audio from The Nerd and Icon HD will be good enough to fix the problem. $140 [Jawbone]

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