The New and Improved Honda Asimo Pretends to be a Bartender and Pour Drinks

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Honda Asimo, the frighteningly realistic yet increasingly useless humanoid robot, has learned another new trick! It can pour drinks. Watch Asimo roll out a cart, open up a thermos, grab the cup, tilt the cup, pour, finish the pour and hand it off to a pretty lady.

It's amazing how human-like this guy is now. Honda has improved Asimo from its stair climbing days to now be able to understand different voices, recognize faces and respond to movement around it. Most importantly, Asimo can move on its own (it no longer needs an operator). Honda says that Asimo's intelligence and abilities have been upgraded tenfold, its top speed is 2mph faster at 5.6 mph and its new dexterous fingers can be even used for sign language. All this sounds awesome but if we can add an Asimo to every bar, I'd totally be down with that. [Reghardware]