The New BBM Lets You Make Free Voice Calls Over Wi-Fi

The last vestige of BlackBerry in the modern world, BBM, has a slick new feature that could stave off the overpopulation of BlackBerry's in recycling bins and possibly please the few suit wearing keyboard lovers left: the new BBM 7.0 has something called BBM Voice, a feature that basically offers free voice calling over Wi-Fi. BBM is more than just super fast and free text messaging now. It's free calls too.

The beta for BBM 7.0 starts today and it's a pretty good idea, insulating BlackBerry users with more features and pillows on the walls in hope that they don't flee the mental institution for greener pastures. All you need to do to active a BBM voice call is dial a BBM contact in BBM 7.0 and if you're both on Wi-Fi, it'll ask your BBM friend to join the voice call. Basically it's like making a phone call (or using Skype or FaceTime without the Face so I guess EarTime) but completely free for BBM users. It's nice. At the very least, it's a sign that the folks at RIM aren't crying mayday just quite yet. [Market Watch via The Verge]


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