The New Channel Zero Trailer Will Make You Hungry... If You're a Cannibal

Image: Syfy via YouTube
Image: Syfy via YouTube

The first season of horror anthology Channel Zero was about a deranged puppet show. The second season featured a very unusual haunted house. The vivid new trailer for season three suggests we’re in for the most gruesome tale yet. Seems that Butcher’s Block subtitle might refer to the carving up... of human flesh?

Channel Zero is, of course, inspired by the internet horror phenomenon known as Creepypasta. Butcher’s Block—which stars Rutger Hauer in what looks like a delightfully sinister role—builds a new narrative around Kerry Hammond’s eerie-staircase story “Search and Rescue Woods,” which you can read here. All six episodes will be directed by emerging talent Arkasha Stevenson, and overseen by series creator and frequent scripter Nick Antosca.


Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block premieres February 7 on Syfy.

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This seems like a relevant moment to mention that Rutger Hauer and Anthony Hopkins look near-identical to me.