The New Detective Pikachu Trailer Will Explode Your Heart With the Strength of a Million Voltorbs

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Psyduck used hug! It’s super effective!
Gif: Warner Bros.

Oh my god. Oh my god? It’s too cute to bear.

Part of the enticing appeal of Detective Pikachu’s appeal is that it has somehow managed to take the classic designs of the Pokémon franchise’s vast array of pocket monsters and made them straddle this hyper-real balance of being both completely horrifying and yet somehow still extremely adorable. Past footage has emphasised the creep factor of the movie’s aesthetic, but this new trailer—courtesy of Detective Pikachu himself, Ryan Reynolds—reminds us of what a wonderful Pokéworld the film lives in.

No literally, they set it to “What a Wonderful World.” And it’s just filled with adorable shots of Pokémon being all lovely and cute.

Despite looking far cutesier in the games and anime, Pokémon have always been a little messed up. From ghost Pokémon luring away the souls of kids into the night, to the fact that 10-year-olds run around with literal divine beings in their back pockets like it’s no big deal, the cuteness has always been a welcome distraction from the fact that thinking a little too hard about the logistics of the Pokémon nation will drive you insane. But maybe that’s the point, too—thinking cynically about the dark heart of a world like Pokémon makes you forget that it’s primarily about finding a delightful, capital-R-Romantic idealism in an adventure with cute little critters. Embrace the weirdness, sure—but with it, the earnest adorability of the Pokémon world.


Maybe then you too can get a little teary-eyed at the prospect of an electric rodent being hugged by a psychic duck on a Monday morning. Detective Pikachu hits theaters May 10.