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The New Green Lantern Comic Brings Young Justice and Far Sector's Finest Together

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Keli’s none too fussed about how things operate on Oa.
Keli’s none too fussed about how things operate on Oa.
Image: Bernard Chang/DC Comics

These days, Green Lantern comics are already kind of a family affair given the nature of the Corps—but the latest addition to DC’s roster is going to focus on some of its most fascinating ringbearers in recent years, in the hopes that two great tastes taste great together.

Announced as part of a slew of 2021 announcements over the past few days, today DC Comics confirmed that Geoffrey Thorne and Dexter Soy would be handling the new Green Lantern ongoing, kicking off with a new #1 in April. The series will spin out of DC’s current story arcs in the pages of the Future State event books and Infinite Frontier, and will bring together beloved Lantern John Stewart alongside two of the best, freshest takes on the Green Lantern mythos in DC’s recent back catalogue. Those being the delightful Teen Lantern, a.k.a. Young Justice’s Keli Quintela, and the star of the stunning Far Sector, Sojourner “Jo” Mullein.


Green Lantern will initially follow just John and Keli at first, as the Guardians and the United Planets host a summit to determine just which interstellar entity will handle peacekeeping in the cosmos. Considering Keli’s lantern gauntlet, home-designed by the bright young kid, has the capability to be one of the most dangerous and devesating weapons in the known universe, the two head back to Oa to train her to, y’know, not cause interstellar incidents. But when Jo joins the duo to investigate the destruction of the Central Power Battery that maintains all Lantern’s abilities, the team will uncover a mystery that could change the Lanterns and Oa’s future forever.

Green Lantern #1 hits shelves on April 6.


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