The New Monopoly Will Be Controlled by an All Powerful, All Seeing Tower

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This fall, there'll be a new version of Monopoly called Monopoly Live that places a 10-inch tower right in the middle of the board. Why? Because that tower controls every aspect of the game: it rolls the dice, it calculates rent, it knows whose turn it is and where your piece is on the board, and knows exactly how much money you have.


There's no fake paper money anymore, everything is stored on a bank card. There's no more dice rolling, you cover your dice and the tower will electronically roll for you (complete with sound!). It knows exactly where your piece should go because the tower "bathes the board in infrared light, and a camera can see reflectors placed on each game piece". The new version of Monopoly also has some new games like a horse race, auctions, a gas tax and the option to upgrade your utilities so they are green. Monopoly Live is supposed to cost $50 this fall, I'm not sure if I'll be ready for it. [NY Times]

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Are there any outstanding "board games" that include electronics in them? Operation, maybe? Nearly every board game that requires batteries seems like a gimmick to me. This version of Monopoly seems like another example where, if you want it automated, just play it on an iPad. Electronic Battleship was a joke. Heck, they made an electronic version of Guess Who that I couldn't understand the point. Oh well. I guess I just don't get it.