The New Poltergeist Trailer Is Heeeeeere!

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Here it is, the first-ever trailer for the rebooted horror classic Poltergeist. And, um, it looks pretty good. There's a lot of original movie recreation and new spin, but this trailer (for the most part) is scary and has charm.

That being said, this trailer is cut together fast and relies heavily on jump scares. That ALSO being said, you can see a lot of touchstones here that we're enjoying that also imply non-jump scare freak outs. For example in foreign trailer (below) we see Sam Rockwell hacking up worms and blood into the sink, which is clearly an homage to the face-ripping off scene from the original.


Also clown is back (but a lot more jumpy) as is the evil boy-eating tree, the closet and all the paranormal psychologists. Jared Harris is clearly the new Tangina. We're still not sold, the original was so much more than a horror movie, it was a spin on a lot of different ideals held in the 80s.

This new version is directed by Gil Kenan of Monster House and City of Ember — both good films, albeit young films. There's no telling how far this version will delve into that... but you have our attention, Poltergeist movie. We're not sure what to think and we'll probably never be OK with this reboot, but at least we'll always have Sam Rockwell.