The New Season of Arrested Development Could Help Save Netflix

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Yes! After years of waffling, a fourth season of Arrested Development is finally in the works. AND it'll tie into the movie they're planning, too. This is incredible news. And even better that it might run on Netflix come 2013.

ArrDev creator Mitch Hurtwitz spoke about the show at this weekend's The New Yorker festival, stating that the new season will have a 10-episode run focusing on each of the Bluth family members. Jason Bateman even confirmed as much via Twitter late last night. According to Deadline Hollywood, the show's producers have also been in talks with Netflix and Showtime to find an outlet for a comeback in 2013, 10 years after its initial run.

Obviously, seeing the show return in any form is great. But this is the right move for Netflix, and if they succeed it's good for everyone. Netflix has already made the push for original programming, developing the remake of David Fincher's House of Cards with Kevin Spacey. Television is reportedly outpacing movie streaming on the site—thanks to big-name properties like Star Trek and Mad Men, I'm sure. And the planned 2013 run will probably coincide with when the recently-inked DreamWorks streaming deal will finally come through, creating as close to a critical mass of solid content as Netflix has ever enjoyed. With Arrested Development's built-in fandom, the new season could very well see the kind of popularity that they never enjoyed on Fox, and Netflix will be galvanized to look for even more great content.


Even though 2013 is pretty far away and lots can happen in the interim, if Netflix can hold their shit together, their platform will be an excellent place to be for anyone to watch. [Deadline via GigaOm, Guardian]

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10 episodes focused on each of the family members?

George Sr., Lucille, Michael, Gob, Buster, Lindsey, Maebe, and George Michael...

Unless we're counting Oscar, that's only 8... Am I missing anyone?