Netflix Receives Dreamworks Animation Shot in the Arm

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Observers are calling the move a first for a large Hollywood studio: Dreamworks Animation will stream its movies and other programming through Netflix instead of the traditional pay television route. The move ends a long-standing Dreamworks content deal with HBO.

Also a first are remarks made by Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, who was confident that consumers have reached a turning point in terms of how comfortable they are with how they consume their content. While such a shift is indeed inevitable, the movement has not yet happened as quickly as Netflix had anticipated. Perhaps this will help!

Netflix, as we all know, could use all the help it can get right now. This deal, and the Discovery one from earlier in the week, are a great re-start. [NYT]


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"The split was a horrible mistake" ... "Netflix Sucks" ... "They have no content - just B movies and bad TV shows" ... "I'm canceling" ... When is this going to stop? It's the best streaming service available, and keeps getting better.