Netflix Is Getting Man vs. Wild, Deadliest Catch, and the Rest of Discovery's Shows

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It looks like Netflix CEO wasn't totally full of hot air when he claimed that Netflix would be adding a bunch of new streaming content. Discovery Communications has agreed to a two-year deal to bring full episodes of its TV shows to Netflix.


The deal only covers episodes from previous seasons, so you won't be able to stay current by watching on Netflix, but until now there was no way to watch Discovery's shows in their entirety online.

Discovery Communication's networks include Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, ID: Investigation Discovery, and the Science and Military Channels. So popular shows like Dirty Jobs, Man vs. Wild, and Deadliest Catch will all be available. The one exception is Oprah's OWN network, which wasn't included in the deal.


Season-old episodes aren't going to be a cure-all for Netflix streaming, which is in the process of losing its Starz content, but who's going to argue against being able to queue up Bear Grylls drinking some Bear Grylls urine? [Reuters]

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lorem ipson

Aren't these shows already on constant re-run? It's not like any particular episode stands out with shows like this, I see their appeal, however if I wanted to watch one I'd just flip on one of these channels. So, for me at least it will canabalize their cable viewership. For those streamers who go without cable it's another story..... I'm just saying...... It's like how having the Office on Netflix cannabalizes TBS, but NBC doesn't care because they don't constantly rerun the office. These channels constantly re-run these shows. It won't hurt them that much, but it will canabalize some viewership.