“It’s Me, Dickhead”: The New Harley Quinn Trailer Reminds Us This Series Isn’t for Kids

Harley is not here to play.
Harley is not here to play.
Image: DC Universe

It’s been a hot minute since we actually got to see DC Universe’s animated Harley Quinn series in action. But at Comic-Con today, DC gave us another glimpse at Harleen’s zany antics, and she’s still taking a page out of a certain other hero’s playbook by delivering the metahumor in spades.


And it’s a lot! Harley’s big trailer is a full montage of high-tempo energy and aggression, as Harley beats up the Joker, teams up with Batman, and gets into possibly romantic situations with Poison Ivy.

This is certainly going for a funny, edgy sort of vibe, and is definitely more adult than anything we’ve seen from DC’s animation slate before, at least in television. It all plays like a madcap, supervillainous version of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, complete with theme song.

Harley Quinn stars Kaley Cuoco as the lady herself, with a lot of other voice talent joining in, including Alan Tudyk as the Joker and Giancarlo Esposito as the show’s version of Lex Luthor. And the roster of DC characters here, judging by the trailer, goes deep, from Batman to Kite-Man.

Harley romps onto DC Universe, well, we’ll let you know when.

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Gene Jacket

That a murders row of comedic talent they’ve got lined up there, but I have ZERO interest in anything Harley related and, while I don’t know who they’ve got writing this or how the actual show will turn out, there was nothing even remotely funny or interesting in that trailer.

Harley Quinn is a deeply fucked up individual who uses comedy and violence to cope with the physically and mentally abusive relationship she has with The Joker, which warrants a more nuanced and thoughtful character study that takes all of that as seriously as it should.

Nah, fuck that noise tho, just do Deadpool in hot pants instead. More DC edgelord horseshit I want no part of.