Sure, a certain movie out this week may be hogging all the Hulkbuster-limelight at the moment, but this latest Marvel figure from Diamond Select is 100% awesomeness ripped straight from the comics. Behold, the Hulkbuster!

Okay, there’s probably a little synergy with Age of Ultron that has made the comic book version of the Hulkbuster the latest release in the Marvel Select line. The Hulkbuster is a hefty 8” inches tall, and... look, do I really have to explain how great this toy is? Look at it. It’s so shiny, and big, and Hulkbuster-y, and full of amazing articulation so, like Diamond Select, you can pose him doing wonderfully silly things like this:


It’s a wonderful contrast to the MCU’s take on the Hulkbuster — shiny and bright next to the matte and darker tones, the whole aesthetic of the suit compared to the thick tank-esque build. They’re both wonderful interpretations of a great idea, but if I’m honest, for me this is the coolest Hulkbuster toy out of the many we’ve seen over the last few months.

The Marvel Select Hulkbuster will available in July for $25 as an exclusive for the Marvel Online Shop and at Disney stores at retail.


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