The Nexus 4 Is Completely Sold Out and Supposedly Never Coming Back

After a wonderful price cut last month, Google has now completely sold out of both the 8GB Nexus 4 and the 16GB Nexus 4 on Google Play. Impressive!


And also a little bit sad because The Verge is reporting that Google has "no plans" to bring the Nexus 4 "back in stock in any storage size". Basically, the Nexus 4 is done. You won't be able to buy it from Google again.

I guess Google didn't want the Nexus 4 hanging around to steal some cheapo's attention when the brand spanking new Nexus 5 comes out. Which should be soon since Google accidentally leaked the Nexus 5 itself and the phone has already danced through the merry halls of the FCC. And should be hopefully even sooner now given that the Nexus 4 doesn't even exist anymore. [The Verge]

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