The NYPD Wants Mobile Weapon Scanners for Drive-By Patdowns

Illustration for article titled The NYPD Wants Mobile Weapon Scanners for Drive-By Patdowns

The NYPD is in hot water with civil rights groups over its controversial Stop-and-Frisk policy. But, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly has a solution—handheld weapons scanners that see guns under clothing! Fourth Amendment? What's that?

As Kelly told a State of the NYPD breakfast Tuesday, the department is developing a mobile, infrared scanner mechanism that would allow officers to detect concealed weapons similar to the way that full-body scanners at airports work. The Department of Defense is also working with the NYPD to develop the technology, though details are still rather scarce.

Currently the technology only has a range of three to four feet, requiring the officers to still actually interact with the citizenry presumed criminals. The NYPD hopes to eventually extend the range to 25 meters (80 feet) and mount it atop a police van. This would allow the cops to simply cruise down a street and scan everybody on the sidewalk without having to let them know they've just been searched. [NY Post - Gothamist via DVice]

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Given that very few people in NYC packed, the amount of people that have to be questioned wouldn't be ridiculous. If you aren't doing something wrong, why are you complaining?