The One Card to Replace All the Plastic In Your Wallet Just Got Delayed

Coin is a beautiful dream, one techno card that voltrons all the plastic in your pocket into a single slim square. Getting to market is hard though; Coin just got delayed until the spring of 2015.


Originally intended to hit this summer after a successful crowdfunding project, Coin has now announced that it's pushing back its retail release until spring of 2015. The beta program, in the meantime, is going pretty well. Coin prototypes now work at about 85 percent of sale points, and the first 10,000 people who backed the Coin crowdfunding campaign will have the chance to opt in for this beta version, or hold out for the real deal.

Delays are a bummer in general, but in Coin's case they also push that final release even closer to the fall of 2015, during which the entire landscape of American credit card payment is set to change. If Coin does make it out in time, it looks like our hypercard honeymoon is going to be cut a little short, so maybe don't get your hopes up about shedding all that plastic just yet. [CNET]


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