The One Twist That Might Get You Interested In Star-Crossed Again

Star-Crossed has oscillated between "surprisingly watchable teen sex romp," "weird terrorist-vs-terrorist allegory" and "anemic love triangle soap." Last night's episode started out focusing on the anemic love triangle... but then veered into a reveal that actually makes this show a lot more interesting. See for yourself!


Spoilers ahead...

So it turns out the aliens didn't just randomly crash-land on an inhabited planet where everybody was going to hate them. They actually saw that Earth was inhabited and decided to take their sexy tattooed angst, traditional festivals of family togetherness and magical cure-all plants somewhere else. Until Castor, Roman's uncle who pretty much had "I AM EVIL" tattooed on his forehead, shot the pilot and caused them to crash. Why???

The show had been doing a good enough job of hinting that maybe Castor wasn't actually evil, that this feels somewhat startling. Plus it makes a lot of the randomness on this show suddenly less random. Like, what reason could Castor possibly have for marooning his own people on a hostile planet? What was his plan? What happens now that he's been rumbled? I'm actually genuinely curious to see where this goes.

In the other positive development this week, Grayson is starting to realize that everybody has been lying to him — that time he blacked out at his parents party after not drinking any alcohol wasn't just one of those things that happens to every teenager. And it wasn't just a wacky accident that Emery outed his mom as the Grand Matriarch of the human terrorists. Etc. etc. Kind of looking forward to seeing how that plays out.

The rest of the episode was all Emery and Roman playing out their chemistry-free romance, with a lot of snogging in the bleach room. And Emery wins over Roman's hostile mom, because she's just so wonderful. Blah blah blah. Oh, and Julia gives up part of the secret of Ciper to Eva — which just serves to remind us that this show has Stephanie Fucking Jacobsen in the cast and she's not in every scene for some reason. Please rectify that right away!

Anyway, looking forward to seeing how the badass copilot lady exacts revenge on Castor for crashing the spaceship, now that the copilot has gotten out of alien shipping container prison.




I'm waiting for this show to explode into a pansexual polyamorous interspecies love dodecahedron, but space intrigue is nice too.