The Only Patio Grill Endorsed by a President

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Ah the good old days—when men were men, women were women, and backyard charcoal barbecues could burn, bake or fry just about anything. No wonder it was President Eisenhower's favorite grilling implement.

The 1956 General Electric Partio Kitchen/BBQ Cart was the one-stop outdoor cooking implement of the 1950's. It included two burners, a griddle, and oven. The opposite end contains a charcoal barbecue, complete with electric rotisseries as well as maple wood chopping blocks and a two-tone vinyl sunshade. It was, "the most fantastic thing you ever saw" according to the 34th president of the USA. Some units still survive to this day, but be prepared to fork over five to seven grand for your own little slice of Americana. [LA Modern via Off the Wall Antiques via Dinosaurs and Robots via Boing Boing]