The Only Thing Bigger than Westinghouse's 110-Inch 4K Television Is its Price Tag

Image for article titled The Only Thing Bigger than Westinghouse's 110-Inch 4K Television Is its Price Tag

Home theater aficionados with both an excess of wall space and disposable income, rejoice! Westinghouse has just unveiled a super-premium, outsized 4K television. 110 Inches. $300,000. Great googly moogly.


That's right, a flat panel television with a display that rivals most HT projectors in size, capable of up-scaling standard HD signal into a gorgeous full screen display. And running native 4K content, it's mistakable for reality. But you will pay dearly—again, $300,000—for this performance.

If you are having trouble finding that sort of scratch in your couch cracks, fear not. Westinghouse is also rolling out 50, 55, and 65 inch versions for $2500, $3000, and $4000 respectively. These sets will be shipping in Q1. Their gigantor cousin is made to order (like a Ferrari!) and comes with installation assistance.



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