The Oreo Splitting Wars Escalate with Carnegie Mellon's Brilliant Bot

In what is turning out to be one of the most entertaining marketing stunts of the past few years, Nabisco's Cookie vs. Creme challenge is attracting all kinds of talented minds from across the country. Including robotic researchers from Carnegie Mellon University who've even drafted their advanced bot HERB into Oreo separating service.

Surprisingly, HERB is able to remove one of the cookie layers with as much precision as a master surgeon—most of the time. And using the sharp blade of a cheese slicer, is able to scrape most of the creme off the other. As far as robotic development goes this is a big step, but it's even bigger for mankind because now that we've freed ourselves from the toil of separating Oreos, we can finally tackle other issues like hunger and world peace. [YouTube via Automaton]

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2:00 remind you of this, anyone?