The Original RickRoll'd YouTube Video Has Been Taken Down

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Rickrolling is one of the hall of fame pranks in Internet history, a testament to the ridiculousness of every URL ever sent and a phenomenon that will hopefully be understood by our children. But now it's no more. The original RickRoll'd video, that of 61 million views, has been taken down from YouTube.

Update: It's back. So I guess this post can be considered RickRolling?

I know everyone stopped RickRolling years ago but... NOOO!! Why would an evil person/corporation, in this case the folks behind AVG Anti-Virus, want to make the Internet a worse place? How can they even claim a copyright on RickRolling? They're an antivirus program! TorrentFreak has asked both YouTube and AVG Anti-Virus for comment about the RickRoll disappearance and noted that it was once taken down by YouTube back in 2010 only to be reinstated. Let's hope that happens now. We'll never give you up. [YouTube via TorrentFreak]