The Perfect Toiletry Bag For Those Morally Opposed To Organization

Organization is almost an art form—and let's face it—not everyone's an artist. If your suitcase and toiletry bag tend to slowly (or quickly) devolve into a homogenous nest of clothing and travel accoutrements, you'll appreciate what the Lay-n-Go has to offer. Specifically: an easy way to keep your toiletries separate without having to reorganize them when it's time to go.

You may be asking yourself why you'd need to spend $30 on this case when a discarded plastic bag appears to offer similar functionality. Well, appearances can be deceiving. With a plastic bag you're forced to reach inside and blindly dig around until you find your deodorant or toothbrush, but the Lay-n-Go opens and spreads out into a clean and dry surface for your toiletries to hang out, making everything easy to find.


The whole thing's easily washable too, and you can pack it to the gills without worrying about tearing the Lay-n-Go open when you close it all up. Now if only they made an apartment-sized version that simplified moving. [Lay-n-Go via Werd]

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