The Performer: Self-Tuning Guitar

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Before you stroll into Sam Ash with that alimony check to buy a 1972 Les Paul, maybe you should consider this $3000 technological masterpiece. The Performer from TransPerformance features built-in one-touch tuning. Twelve buttons on the body of the guitar allow you to instantly tune your guitar. A built-in LCD will let you know which tuning you're using at all times and allows for easy playing. How's it work? TransPerformance's website says it all:

"A small computer mounted inside the self tuning guitar controls motors that are linked to each string. The bridge and tailpiece are replaced by the self tuning system, allowing your imagination to run wild.

At the touch of a button or footswitch, motors are activated to adjust the tension of each string."


The Performer comes with over 144 built-in tuning settings allowing for endless creativity on your end...provided you can play guitar. Instant built-in pitch shifting also allows you to match a singer's vocal range for beautiful melodies. So like we said, use that alimony check wisely, buddy.

The Self Tuning Guitar [Red Ferret]

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