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The Philips Aurea Remote Dreams to Be a Cellphone One Day

Illustration for article titled The Philips Aurea Remote Dreams to Be a Cellphone One Day

The glowing Philips Aurea has been out for a few years (in Europe), but the luminescent display (worthy of Jesus' teeth) is finally receiving a remote worthy of its famed eccentricity.


Each new Aurea will be bundled with this pod-style slider that we're only telling you about because it's a bit different than most. When closed, it's reminiscent of a first-gen iPod. When open, it feels like a cellphone aimed at tweens. And that ball at the top? No, that's not a speaker intended for your ear. It's the power button.


So we're gonna need a modder to dig into this thing with some Skype hardware or at least our MP3 collection from 2001—shouldn't be hard, it's basically a 4-hour loop of Lady Marmalade. [Philips]

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It kinda needs a screen if it ever wants to be a phone. Unless it has text to speech like the iPod shuffle has.