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The Pinball Hall of Fame Gives Me a Headache Just Thinking About It

Illustration for article titled The Pinball Hall of Fame Gives Me a Headache Just Thinking About It

Joystiq took a trip to Vegas' Pinball Hall of Fame, where they found popular machines, rare machines, two-player machines, and one machine with the likeness of Ted Nugent.


The Hall of Fame features 141 pinball machines in working order, available to play for just a few quarters, and if you're a pinball fan it looks like a must-see. I'm loving the idea of two-player pinball: it seems like a cross between air hockey and a typical pinball machine, with the object being to score on your opponent rather than just rack up points. This is just the kind of brain-melting mix of excess, shiny things, and noise that you'd want from a trip to Las Vegas. [Joystiq]

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I don't "get" The Addams Family, maybe because I never reached Super Bear Kicks or Tour The Mansion mode.

Twilight Zone is the #1-rated game at both Pinside and IPDB and it's easy to see why; wide body, four flippers, a clock, a gumball machine, ceramic powerball, magnetic "flippers" on The Power mini-playfield, etc. When I lit the entire door and its doorknob for the first time and got "Lost in the Zone" mode my mind was blown and I immediately bought the machine from the arcade.

Pat Lawlor designed both TAF and TZ, and Earthshaker was his first design. The other hero of pinball design is Steve Ritchie, known for super-fast games like Black Knight and F14 Tomcat. Both still design games for Stern, the last remaining manufacturer.